He Ui

Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele asks: Can we consider all elemental forces (forms) kapu?  And if so why or why not?  If so how do we gauge the hierarchy of the elementals? And why?

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  1. Yes all elemental forces are kapu. There are three levels to my reason why. First level: Hawaiian universal level, If the EF (elemental force) is a kinolau or manifestation of a god there are inherent kapu already established. Second level: Personal level, if you hold something sacred or deify an EF you may have personal reservations/restricitions (kapu) about exploiting that EF. Familiarity with the EF, from your one hanau, calls you to establish your own protocols or kapu. Third level, practitioner level, If someone else honors/recognizes an EF do we not, out of respect, obsrve those kapu? So yes all EF are kapu because it is a kinolau of an akua, yes because we recognize the EF and yes because somebody else may honor it.
    As a practitioner the hierarchy is a personal choice to your allegience, which is based on geography, family, preference and other factors. Hierarchy may also change with seasons and physical location.

  2. Elemental Force: (EF)
    Is (EF) Kapu? Is (EF) visible? Is (EF) valuable? Does (EF) exist in modern day and, if they do exist, where? What kind of (KAPU) is set on the (EF) and would we know the penalty of observing the (EF). The (KAPU) may have been set due largely to an influx of foreign religious virtues which has set a whole new idealistic brain-storm during the reign of Kuniakea Kamehameha to impose on the host culture. Upon the baptismal allegiance of Queen Ka`ahumanu, the Hawaiian people have stayed the course with guilt stricken beliefs of going to a promise land of mansions and golden streets,yet as perseverance would steady the course we remain in this new belief. The(KAPU)of our self. What can we do? What we cannot do? What should we do? Why and how do you establish your own protocol or the exploitation of protocol, should (EF) discussion be amongst our own? Ohana only?

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