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  • Hiʻiaka I Ka Poli O Pele - Journey into the Sacred CD


    To listen to the myth of Pele and Hi‘iaka is to open your spirit to the secret of eternality, to resurrect ancestral memories and connections, and to engage them toward the betterment of our earthly life. The myth of Pele and Hi‘iaka was not intended to be read; rather, it was meant to be told, transmitted from generation to generation through storytelling, chanting, dancing, healing, and day-to-day living in a sacred environment.

  • Puka Kama‘ehu - An Island is Born CD


    The island child of Haumea (earth) and Kanaloa (sea) is born. Kama‘ehu, the red island child, rises from the deep in the ocean floor. Hālau O Kekuhi honors its birth with this CD of 18 chants.