Hoʻokui Ka Mana

Hoʻokui Ka Mana: The Native Voice is a venture of cultural disclosures of relationships with our natural world and how to live in it according to native Hawaiian practices and the footprints left by our ancestors.

Hoʻokui Ka Mana is responding to the need by the greater community to fill a void of human interaction with the natural world. Native people, in generations past, learned to live harmoniously with the natural world because it nurtured them, fed them and laid them to rest. Native people understood elemental forms and their intimate relationship with the elements. This knowledge of knowing that you are related to something outside of what you can control despite its antitheses quality is, in fact, the healing grace that people seek. It is not a religion; it is a spiritual familial connection that each individual born, possesses. EKF looks forward to producing multimedia resources in the near future as an outcome of this project.

Hoʻokui Ka Mana was supported in part by the Christensen Fund, James and Abigail Campbell Family Foundation, Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority, Charles England Foundation, Hawaiʻi Community College – I Ola Hāloa Center for Hawaiʻi Lifestyles, Kīpuka Center for Native Hawaiian Student Services, and Kamehameha Publishing.