Kula Kamaliʻi o Hiʻikeakaikamālama Preschool is a comprehensive Hawaiian cultural-based, educational preschool program that believes in the holistic approach to education:

"In a learning community that is steadfastly rooted in the culture, everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Students, parents, and community are partners in the educational process and achievements of all."

Kula Kamaliʻi o Hiʻikeakaikamālama acknowledges the family as the foundation upon which a child is reared, fosters positive values and morals, and strengthens ties within the community. Children between three years of age and the age of compulsory school attendance are welcome to enroll and participate in Kula Kamaliʻi o Hiʻikeakaikamālama. Students must be able to care for their own toileting needs.